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Learn Hip Hop Dance

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The Hip Hop Culture

Hip hop is an art that expresses musical and artistic culture and is said to come from the Latino and African-American communities in Bronx, New York. This is the highly accepted origin, although some say that this dance originated a elsewhere long before it became popular in NY.

What we are sure of is that a lot of young people want to learn hip hop dance moves due to the following it’s gained both dancing on the streets and dancing in movies.

Hip hop dancing is a very energetic dance that is totally different from other formal forms of dance, like ballet, tap or even ballroom dancing. Part of it’s fame is due to MTV and hip hop movies like ‘Step Up’.

Many people who want to learn hip hop dance got the ‘bug’ by watching these movies on TV or in theaters. They also began learning it by imitating what they was on the screen.  That’s a great way to start, but if you really want to learn hip hop dance seriously then you should find a class or get a mentor/teacher.


Learn Hip Hop Dance Styles

There are several styles of hip hop dancing. You may be thinking that all of those moves collectively known as hip hop are just called hip hop. To really learn hip hop dance you must first know that there are different styles and moves to learn – only then will you be called a ‘real’ hip hop dancer.

Locking. This is a street dance that involves fast arm and hand movements while the legs and hips are staying relaxed. The movements of this style are usually funny and exaggerated yet very much in harmony with the music.

Popping. Invented by Sam Solomon in 1970s, this dance is a funk style of dance. If you want to learn this hip hop dance move, you should learn to control your muscles. This is a dance style where the dancer quickly contracts and relaxes his muscles which will cause a pop or hit. Some moves associated with popping are cobra, fresno, crazy legs and dime shopping.

Breaking. Also called break dancing or b-boying. This dance involves pauses and poses. Your body should create a pose where any part of the body is standing up and one part will remain on the ground. Some moves in break dancing are head stand, handstand, freeze, drop and float.


Hit the Clubs to Learn Hip Hop Dance

For some young people who want to learn hip hop dance, the only thing they need to do is to hang out with some friends who can bring them to clubs where hip hop is being promoted. There are hip hop clubs that hold dance competitions and even dance exhibitions where everyone interested can participate. For someone new, going to a club can already help them in gaining confidence when dancing and some really learn hip hop dance just by hanging out  in these places.


Keep the Passion to Learn Hip Hop Dance

Studying hip hop can be challenging, but really, all you need to have is the heart and the passion to learn it. Some learn by watching and imitating but of course, the better option is to start with someone showing you easier steps then slowly learning the advanced moves. Master each step carefully before moving on to the more difficult ones to avoid accidents and injuries.

Keep learning and keep practicing, this is the only way that you master and learn hip hop dance.

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Physical Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing has been shown to benefit the whole being – from providing mental stimulation to offering a social outlet. But what about the physical benefits of dance? Here is a list that is far from comprehensive, and will get you wanting to find your closest dance studio!

1. DEFY AGING with Ballroom Dance.

Dance actually retards the aging process. It’s heart healthy – strengthening not only our hearts, but the whole cardiovascular system and increasing our lung capacity. “The muscle exertion and breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner.” 1 “Folks with heart failure who waltzed for 21 min., 3 times a week, increased their cardio-circulatory fitness more than those on cycles and treadmills.” 2


Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, which is a major concern for women, especially during post-menopause because of the significant drop in estrogen that occurs at this stage. A decrease in our estrogen levels stops calcium from being absorbed into our bones. Dance also keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.

3. Dancing BURNS FAT.

Dance exercises our bodies to allow for increased circulation. It helps us burn calories while improving our stamina. Dance burns from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity. For example, swing and mambo burn more calories than a slow waltz.

4. LOWER CHOLESTEROL – yes by Dancing!

New research has discovered that it is necessary to measure both good and bad cholesterol levels when determining our health. Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises our HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers our LDL (bad cholesterol). Dancing is also great for diabetics because it aids in blood sugar control.

5. FEND OFF ALZHEIMERS – the Best Of Ballroom!

Ballroom Dance improves our memory by making us recall steps, routines and dance patterns making it a great mental exercise for our brains. The big benefit is that increasing mental exercise keeps your mind young, quick, alert and open.


Balancing yourself in one position may be easy, but balancing in the numerous types of positions involved in dancing is much more difficult. Dancers have mastered the ability to balance themselves in a number of positions. This strengthens our stabilizer muscles, while protecting our core and keeping us less prone to injury in our daily lives. Dancing also aids in coordination and helps strengthen our reflexes. It is a great way to keep our central nervous system in tip-top shape by improving the connection of our bodies to our mind.


Ballroom Dancing is recreational and entertaining. It creates a social life for us, while affording us the opportunity to make new friends. Friends helps us grow, make us laugh and support us as we learn.


Dancing has no cultural barriers. People from all parts of the world, with different ideologies, meet on the dance floor. Cultural interaction improves our health by expanding our mind and sharing our spirit!

9. GROOMED TO PERFECTION – looking good on the dance floor!.

Dancing is not only fun and romantic, but it helps promote good grooming because everybody wants to look his or her best while they dance.

10. Ballroom Dancing MAKES ENDORPHINS.

Dance elevates our mood by raising our endorphin levels. This is what allows us to heal stress and depression — two of our immune system’s biggest enemies! It helps us establish our self-confidence and self-discipline. It improves the harmony between our mind and body, giving us a sense of well-being. ____________________ 1 “10 Benefits of Dancing” Barbara Craddock 12/10/08 2 AARP Magazine May/Jun 2007

“Dancing With the Stars is Like Sex”

…at least according to Kendra Wilkinson on People TV. In the interview, Kendra compares her first dance on Dancing With the Stars to sex and says that she’s much more comfortable now that she knows what to expect (in the ballroom).

Really? Ballroom Dancing = Sex.

Since most of us won’t ever end up on Dancing With the Stars, this is a fun insight. Although, it seems like it gives us less insight into the show than it does into Kendra herself!

It’s actually quite obvious the connection between ballroom dancing and sex… many studies have shown that men who dance are more attractive to women then men who don’t.

Ballroom dancing is all about the connection between two people

– all the dances have their own personality – and all of them revolve around one thing – two people connecting and moving together as one.

But wait, we digress. Kendra is married, there’s no extra marital sex going on!

All she was REALLY comparing was … well … sex and Dancing With the Stars. Hummm.

Kendra’s husband, football player, Hank Baskett is actually fully supportive of Kendra and told Louis VanAmstel (Kendra’s ballroom dance partner) to push her. It’s obvious he wants her to do well!

This past Monday night, VanAmstel took on the role of ‘hubby’ in a romantic, sexy story the two of them put on the dance floor – it was a love story – and it obviously worked!



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