4 Great Reasons To Learn To Salsa Dance

Learn to salsa dance

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Learn To Salsa Dance and Earn The Ooh’s and Aah’s of Spectators

Watching a couple, whether at the dance club or just on the television, skillfully dance the salsa can be riveting. It is such an intense and passionate dance, that is why, many people get fascinated with it. Do not be contented with just watching other couples set the dance floor on fire. Catch fire by starting to learn to salsa dance.

Who Should Learn To Salsa Dance?

Salsa dancing can be for anyone. However, many

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people hold back and immediately think that they do not have the ability to learn to salsa dance, hence, they end up as awed, and sometimes envious, spectators. Anyone can learn this dance. In fact, it is well-suited for people young and old, clumsy or graceful, and slender or overweight. People who are overweight, clumsy or old have more reasons to learn to salsa dance.

Why Should You Learn To Salsa Dance?

Health and Fitness. Like any other dance, salsa is a great way to maintain your shape for the slender, or trim down fats and excess weight for the overweight. And like any other exercise, this hot dance enhances blood circulation, helping your body to stay fit and healthy. Develop Gracefulness. This dance involves balancing skills. So if you are clumsy, instead of making your lack of poise an excuse not to learn to salsa dance, make it your top reason for doing so because it can help you develop good balance. By developing the needed skills for this dance, you can say goodbye to your awkward posture and movement. Confidence-Building. Learning this dance can do a lot in boosting your self-esteem: by helping the overweight shed off pounds, helping the clumsy develop grace and balance, by keeping the dancer’s body healthy. Additionally, because you’ve learned some moves for this dance, the next time a Latin American rock jazz music blares at a party or dance club, you can now participate in social dancing, gain friends, and you could become the life of the party. Rekindle A Flickering Romance or Ignite a New One. If you think that your relationship with your spouse or loved one needs to be resuscitated, salsa could be the key in bringing back the fire to this boring or dying romance. Learn salsa together, or if your partner is already adept at the dance, he or she can teach you the dance in that way you break your routine, do and learn something new together, have fun at the same time. Then you can go clubbing and dance the night away in each others’ arms. The dance could bring you closer as a couple. If you are single, then it could be a great way for you to meet new friends or possibly your boyfriend or girlfriend.

With these physical and social, healthy reasons to learn to salsa dance, get on your feet, play that explosive salsa music and start dancing.

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Learn Dance Moves : The Basics

Learn Dance Moves

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Start with a Decision to Learn Dance Moves

There are a lot of people who want to learn dance moves but are hesitant because they don’t want to risk embarrassment especially when dancing in front of a crowd.  Some would say that they are not born with ‘dancing feet’ that’s why they even don’t try to learn dance moves.

Dancing is one of the oldest form of art.

Dancing involves moving in the rhythm and music while also being able to express yourself in different settings. It is learned in progress, much like driving, to learn dance moves will require attention at first but after some time and practice, you’ll do it automatically.

The Basics on How to Learn Dance Moves

To learn dance moves is simple as long as you do these basic steps:

Listen to the music. Regardless if you want to learn hip hop, ballroom dancing or jazz, the first thing you need to do is to turn the radio on and listen to the music of that dance. In that way you can pick up the beat, count with the beat. Contemporary music we listen to on the radio usually is to the count of four, it can be slow or fast but the rhythm usually will repeat every four beats – and you start counting again.

Do the counting aloud by moving your head. You can easily catch the rhythm by doing this and it will also help your body be introduced to move to the beat.

Bounce. This is done by shifting your weight from one foot to the other. To do this right, you must bend your knees slightly. Let loose and just enjoy doing it.

Move. Once you have the feel of the music from bouncing, this is the time you start moving. Start  moving your feet just an inch or two, still following the beat. You can either step forward, backward or to the side. Then move your hips to the direction of your feet , swivel and twist. As you get comfortable, begin moving your hands in the air loosely yet make sure you’re keeping your form and timing.

Learn Dance Moves  With Willingness

These steps will help you start dancing. The purpose of this is to make yourself ‘at home’ with the beat. Once you’re done mastering this, you can start to learn dance moves that are more complicated. Remember though to keep practicing so that dancing will be second nature to you.

It is not difficult to dance, just as long as you are willing to learn, you can!

Age, body size and environment don’t matter, as long as you are determined you can learn dance moves with confidence and grace.

Learn to Pole Dance! All the Basic Things to Know To Get You Started

Pole dancer Rafaela Montanaro performing

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Pole dancing is a form of  dance that originated from strip clubs. This dance is commonly known for its erotic tenor.

However, as more people are becoming aware of its health benefits, pole dancing is slowly becoming popular, both as a sport and as a hobby or a form of exercise. As it becomes popular more health institutions and facilities like gyms and sports clubs are offering courses so that people can learn to pole dance.

How Would You Like to Learn to Pole Dance?

There are numerous ways in which you can learn to pole dance. Aside from gyms and health facilities that offer pole dancing courses, there are also a lot of individuals or experts offering private instruction.

Learning to pole dance by watching DVDs or Internet videos could be an option, but there are two drawbacks:  1.  you have to buy a pole to install at home; 2 you won’t really know whether or not you’re doing the moves right and there is no one to correct you if your form is not good, this can actually lead to injury.  It’s best to use this option as a supplement to a formal instruction.

Owning a Pole : Is It Needed for You to Learn to Pole Dance?

At this point, you may be asking if you should buy a pole for yourself. It really depends. If you’re studying in a studio or gym, then chances are their facilities are equipped with poles where you could practice. But if you are self-studying, then owning one is a must. However, there are also those who choose to own one and install it at home even if they already are doing pole dancing classes at a health club. This is just because they are really passionate about it that they want to do it even if there’s no class.

You may be asking, what if you cannot afford to buy a pole yet, but you are really serious about learning to pole dance. There are strengthening exercises that you can do like sit-ups, push-ups, crunches which are ab workouts that can help you to be strong on the pole. Continue exercising and strengthening your muscles at home so that when you arrive at your gym or wherever you’re studying pole dance, you will be ready.

First Steps to Learn to Pole Dance

The first thing you need to remember is to practice the basic moves. Learn how to properly grab the pole. You must remember to start grabbing using your stronger hand.  And because you need to feel the flow, you could start stepping around the pole while listening to music. Once you get the feel, start doing hooks with your leg and arching your body. Do this until your movement is fluid before you start doing the other pole tricks.

After that you can start learning different things like spinning, where the most basic step is the fireman spin. Then as you progress and your body is stronger, you can start with lifting your body weight while on the pole. But before you dream of doing inverted exercises, remember to master the basics first!

If You Want to Learn to Pole Dance…

Then what are you waiting for? Claim your pole either by going to your gym and asking if they offer any classes or by watching videos on a streaming site. Check if you really want to learn to pole dance.

As long as you are physically able and you have a reason for wanting it, you can start grabbing a pole and begin to learn to pole dance!

Why and Where to Learn Salsa Dancing

Learn Salsa Dancing

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Have you ever watched someone dancing salsa? For sure you got fascinated, or at least you got curious. Perhaps you’re thinking how the heck were they able to learn those ‘complicated’ dance steps. And you may be asking why you should spend time to learn salsa dancing.

Learn Salsa Dancing : What’s In It For You?

There are numerous reasons people choose to learn salsa dancing, some are amusing and some are really practical.

Usually, the amusing ones are short-term goals only, like, to attract someone by the use of dancing or to  gain acceptance and popularity. It can also be for those wanting to gain confidence.

The practical reasons are the long-term ones. The number one benefit and reason people choose to learn salsa dancing is that they want to remain healthy. Like any other dance, this is a form of exercise which helps your body produce ‘youth’ and happy hormones. Not to mention that you could also have a sexy and attractive body if you do it.

Another benefit of this is that it can be a hobby. It is something that you can do to remove your worries and to forget your troubles even just for a short while in a healthy way. You may also think of salsa dancing as a way to meet people and network for business and personal reasons.

Ways to Learn Salsa Dancing

The saying, “if there’s a will, there’s a way” is true in any field and industry, even in salsa dancing. If you really want to learn salsa dancing, then you can easily find a way.

The most popular way now is going to a salsa club. In there, you can find people with the same interest who will be willing to guide and teach you so you can learn salsa dancing. Some charge a small fee and some are willing to just teach you because he or she likes you. In a club, you’ll be able to learn a lot of patterns and steps from the beginner level to the advanced level as you can watch the more experienced dancers strut their stuff on the floor.

Another common way to learn salsa dancing is by hiring an instructor or going to a dance school. This is the most expensive way and is also the best and most effective way. An instructor can correct you immediately and can teach you the right way to execute a step thus learning becomes faster and easier.

The third way is through the help of technology. Internet has a lot of information that can teach you the salsa dance. Video streaming sites like Youtube have hundreds of video tutorials that you can follow in order to learn the dance. Sites like Amazon.com and Ebay.com also sell CDs and DVDs of dance tutorials. The only disadvantage of this is that, you really have to be attentive because there is no one to physically guide you in dancing. You can just rewind or fast forward to learn the steps you’re having a hard time learning.

Learn Salsa Dancing Without Fuss

Salsa is a great and unique dance. It requires you to have emotions and passion in order for you to execute it properly. You must learn to love the dance so that you can dance it with ease. Be comfortable and love the process.

To learn salsa dancing you need to invest time and effort. To be able to dance it without hesitation, you must develop a very keen interest in it.

Dancing Really Does Keep You Young!

100 Year Old Celebrates with a Dance

Floyd Crellin celebrated his 100th birthday in April of this year – and he celebrated with not one ballroom dance, but two!

Floyd is now at Goddard House, an assisted living facility, but that hasn’t slowed his dancing! After breaking his hip three years ago, his physical therapist used dancing as a way to engage him as part of rehabilitation. “She taught me to walk, and I taught her to dance,’’ the dapper Crellin told the crowd.

A crowd of family, friends, residents and staff at the facility celebrated the centenarian’s milestone with an event that also honored Crellin’s lifelong passion for ballroom dancing. Several professional ballroom dancers were brought in as entertainment, but the real show was Crellin himself.

He did an impromptu waltz with one of the dance professionals, and then performed a rehearsed routine with his physical therapist, Mary Keohane.

What has kept him not only physically healthy for 100 years, but young at heart?

Crellin credits dancing, “I love dancing and the people you meet,’’ he said.

Crellin began dancing at the age of 7 when he accompanied his mom to ballroom dance lessons after his father died.  He then continued to dance his entire life no matter where his job took him.

“And he’s a true gentleman, meticulous about his appearance and concerned about decorum, that people do things the right way, treat each other with respect,’’ says Crellin’s son. Manners and respect learned from a lifetime a ballroom dancing!

Crellin and his late wife, Elizabeth, danced informally while raising their children, and then began taking formal dance classes. “We were always trying to learn new steps,’’ he recalled.

Eventually, while working full time for Eastman Kodak, Crellin started his own dancing school in the basement of a friend’s store. After a dance exhibition at a department party, Floyd and his wife were asked to teach ballroom dance at Kodak, where co-workers called him “Twinkle Toes’’ because of his proclivity to dance in the elevators.

Crellin eventually retired to a community in Florida, where he continued to dance and teach. Now that he’s moved to the assisted living facility, Crellin doesn’t teach, but he still loves to dance!

Nancy Shapiro, Goddard’s executive director, said dance and movement therapy is particularly beneficial for older adults, providing not just the benefits of exercise, but enhanced cognitive skills, motivation, and memory.

“On an emotional level, it helps people feel more joyful and confident, and allows them to explore such issues as frustration and loss that may be too difficult to explore verbally,’’ said Shapiro.

Most people who break a hip at Crellin’s age spend the rest of their lives in a wheelchair, or at best using a walker. But Crellin was determined to walk on his own and according to his son, “his desire to dance inspired him.’’

Using dance for elderly patients can be especially effective therapy to increase balance and endurance as well as alleviate depression.



7 reasons Ballroom Dancing helps defy the aging process.

Did you know that participating in a ballroom dance class can actually retard the aging process?  Here are 7 reasons that Ballroom Dancing helps defy the aging process.



It strengthens not only the heart, but the whole cardiovascular system and increases lung capacity. What a great way to get that ticker into shape… much better than running on a treadmill!

“Folks with heart failure who waltzed for 21 min., 3 times a week, increased their cardio-circulatory fitness more than those on cycles and treadmills.” (AARP Magazine May/Jun 2007)



As women age, a drop in estrogen causes a drop in the amount of calcium absorbed into bones. Women who dance maintain higher estrogen levels keeping therefore absorbing more calcium and keeping bones strong. Dance also keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.



Dance equals increased circulation, which burns calories while improving stamina. Ballroom dancing dance burns from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity. For example, swing and mambo burn more calories than a slow waltz.



It is important to measure both good and bad cholesterol levels to measure good health. Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises our HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers our LDL (bad cholesterol). Dancing also aids in blood sugar control, making it a great choice for diabetics.



Stay fit AND improve memory. Ballroom dancing requires that the brain recall steps, routines and dance patterns which means it’s a great mental exercise. The big benefit is that increasing mental exercise keeps the mind young, quick, alert and open.



Ballroom dancing requires balancing in a number of positions. This strengthens the stabilizer muscles, while protecting the core and preventing injury in everyday activities. Dancing also aids in coordination and helps strengthen reflexes. It is a great way to keep the central nervous system in tip-top shape by improving the body-mind connection.



Dance elevates endorphin levels, which creates a good mood. This heals both stress and depression — two of the immune system’s biggest enemies! It also helps establish self-confidence and self-discipline AND improves the harmony between mind and body. End result: well-being.


Physical Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Ballroom dancing has been shown to benefit the whole being – from providing mental stimulation to offering a social outlet. But what about the physical benefits of dance? Here is a list that is far from comprehensive, and will get you wanting to find your closest dance studio!

1. DEFY AGING with Ballroom Dance.

Dance actually retards the aging process. It’s heart healthy – strengthening not only our hearts, but the whole cardiovascular system and increasing our lung capacity. “The muscle exertion and breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner.” 1 “Folks with heart failure who waltzed for 21 min., 3 times a week, increased their cardio-circulatory fitness more than those on cycles and treadmills.” 2


Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, which is a major concern for women, especially during post-menopause because of the significant drop in estrogen that occurs at this stage. A decrease in our estrogen levels stops calcium from being absorbed into our bones. Dance also keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis.

3. Dancing BURNS FAT.

Dance exercises our bodies to allow for increased circulation. It helps us burn calories while improving our stamina. Dance burns from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity. For example, swing and mambo burn more calories than a slow waltz.

4. LOWER CHOLESTEROL – yes by Dancing!

New research has discovered that it is necessary to measure both good and bad cholesterol levels when determining our health. Dancing aids in lipid control, which raises our HDL (good cholesterol), and lowers our LDL (bad cholesterol). Dancing is also great for diabetics because it aids in blood sugar control.

5. FEND OFF ALZHEIMERS – the Best Of Ballroom!

Ballroom Dance improves our memory by making us recall steps, routines and dance patterns making it a great mental exercise for our brains. The big benefit is that increasing mental exercise keeps your mind young, quick, alert and open.


Balancing yourself in one position may be easy, but balancing in the numerous types of positions involved in dancing is much more difficult. Dancers have mastered the ability to balance themselves in a number of positions. This strengthens our stabilizer muscles, while protecting our core and keeping us less prone to injury in our daily lives. Dancing also aids in coordination and helps strengthen our reflexes. It is a great way to keep our central nervous system in tip-top shape by improving the connection of our bodies to our mind.


Ballroom Dancing is recreational and entertaining. It creates a social life for us, while affording us the opportunity to make new friends. Friends helps us grow, make us laugh and support us as we learn.


Dancing has no cultural barriers. People from all parts of the world, with different ideologies, meet on the dance floor. Cultural interaction improves our health by expanding our mind and sharing our spirit!

9. GROOMED TO PERFECTION – looking good on the dance floor!.

Dancing is not only fun and romantic, but it helps promote good grooming because everybody wants to look his or her best while they dance.

10. Ballroom Dancing MAKES ENDORPHINS.

Dance elevates our mood by raising our endorphin levels. This is what allows us to heal stress and depression — two of our immune system’s biggest enemies! It helps us establish our self-confidence and self-discipline. It improves the harmony between our mind and body, giving us a sense of well-being. ____________________ 1 “10 Benefits of Dancing” Barbara Craddock 12/10/08 2 AARP Magazine May/Jun 2007

Learn Pole Dancing Nowadays, wanting to learn pole dancing does not mean that you would want to work at a strip club. Even though this st1 year ago